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I've been told I am a people person and easy to get along with. Whether or not you are a professional smiler or just shy, I try to find out how to capture you at your best. I am straight foward and I like to keep you at ease. At weddings, I rely on my cat-herding skills to get the formals done or fade into the background to capture the candids.

Things about me: I enjoy sharing my knowledge of photography and photo editing with others. Maybe someday I should teach a class.... I love my koi pond and I am very handy around the house. My background is in the medical field: I am a registered nurse and have been working in Intensive Care for almost 20 years. I was born and raised in the Netherlands. After "suffering" in SoCal for 15 years, I have been living and loving Corvallis for over 10 years. The Willamette Valley truly is my "slice of heaven".

How I got started: My husband gave me my first Canon dSLR a long while back. He had no idea what was in store: many uncooked meals, piles of laundry, hours of computer editing, and lots of money in equipment, all contributed to my own business. Very rewarding!

If you like my work and have photography needs I'd like to hear from you. My belief is to make you look your best. To give you an idea about my pricing: Seniors, Portraits and family shoots start at $400, which includes rights to printing. Wedding packages at $3500. I am not big on the 4 or 6 hour coverage packages, you deserve to have it covered from beginning to end. Some packages include photobooks.

You can email, text or call me. I'd love to hear from you.